In effort to promote the love of dance for all children, our non-profit foundation was formed. The foundation will promote fundraising in many different forms to support our competition team at Dance Development Academy. The foundation strives to enhance the dance experience for each dancer. Our goals are to send competition dancers to Regional & National Dance Competitions & Conventions. As well as, raising money for scholarships for new and existing students. Donations allow us to expose our dancers to opportunities that they normally would not have. 

Thanks to DanceOn Chicago we have had he opportunity to dance with the Cast of Hamilton Chicago, Josh Killacky, Joshua Blake Carter 

Joe Musiel, Makenzie Dustman, Krista & Autumn Miller, Kassidy Bright, Chris Xayarath, Charity & Andres from World of Dance, plus many more accomplished and talented choreographers.

Please contact the studio if you would like to make a donation.

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