Dear DDA Dance Families,

First of all, we sincerely miss seeing each and everyone of you at the studio!

In uncertain times, we feel the importance of coming together as a community. Our goal is to lessen the​ adverse impact of the coronavirus threat on those who love dance, and are accustomed to its regular practice​ as a lifestyle, emotional/physical outlet, and so much more. We recognize that being confined to home can initially​

seem, to your kids, like a welcome reprieve from school. However, after a short amount of time, children may experience​ some stir craziness and, for the serious dancer, may fall out of the regular practice of dance. This could mean potentially ​losing momentum and flexibility, among other things and lead to an increase in anxiety (because the world can be a scary place​ amidst this health threat, and because many of our kids use dance as an anti-anxiety/stress relief tool!)​


Having said all of that, we are all working hard to come up with solutions to allow continuity of training,​ including virtual dance classes. (Which seem to be dance studios across the globes only option at this point in time.)​


Stay tuned for updates about how we intend to address a temporary​ hiatus from our physical studio space, which seems to be inevitable at this point. ​

We know how much you care about your wonderful teachers who invest so heavily in your​ kids on a daily basis. We ask is that you hang in there with us as we devise alternative solutions in the ​short-term to continue training your dancers. Our teachers will be working hard to deliver these alternatives​ to ensure continuity of quality services for their students and job security for themselves.​


Our instructors work very hard to make ends meet and do not have the luxury of an income gap.​ In order to keep our studio running we will need your help & support.​


Please partner with us in helping to support these deeply passionate teachers and young dancers while we find new and​

innovative ways to continue classes during this time.​​


In the short term we are working on the best possible solutions in these unprecedented times for our valued​ dance families. We are currently working to provide our students virtual classes to get them back to a sense of​ normality with their usual dance schedule and to stay healthy and active at home, as well as continuing to learn/practice their​ recital choreography which they need in order to participate in our Recital, which as of now they are still in the books but if the schools​ close we will have to postpone. *But WE WILL have our Recitals! It may just be at a later date still. *Recital photos (Mar. 30th-Apr. 3rd) have also ​been postpone to a later date and we will keep you updated on that as well. *Company Auditions Apr. 6th will also be postpone to a later date.​​


We are taking this week of spring break to regroup and plan out our virtual dance classes. ​


(Of course these classes will be at a discounted rate since we understand this is a difficult time for everybody &​ it is virtual lessons/choreo. But keep in mind this is just as much/if not more work for our instructors.)​


These options will include:​

Weekly live/Interactive dance classes on Zoom, (This will be the most like normal dance class,​where dancers can see/talk to their instructor as well as their dance friends while taking class virtually. All you​ will have to do is download zoom for free on your phone, ipad/tablet, laptop/computer, or smart tv & click "join meeting",​

enter the Meeting ID number we give you specifically for each class and boom you're in & ready to dance!)​


Another option will be Facebook/Instagram Live (these would be offered in private groups for each class)​

(where your dancers can tune in & follow along with our instructor as well as ask questions in the comment section.)​


Our last available option will be our youtube channel where we will post specifically tailored videos per each class/age group to use​

at their own convenience . (Which will be private and only available to whomever is in that class/age group. And will include recital​

choreography they need to work on/learn as well as other things such as stretching, workouts, across the floor, fun routines and more.)​


**In addition, we are planning makeup sessions with flexible scheduling for our families,​ to commence when this health crisis dissipates. ​


More information on these plans will be released some time in the future. ​


**Also on a side note we will be in communication with our competition families on what we plan to do for their weekly competition rehearsals.​


We will also keep you updated on what competitions are deciding to do as soon as we hear. ​​


Thank you to all of our dance families who continue to support our studio during this unprecedented time.​


All of us at DDA are working harder than ever to keep the studio operational, and continue to offer​ the best in dance instruction, and hopefully keep your children busy and moving during this crisis.​


We appreciate your understanding & rely on your support.​


Stay Safe. Stafe Healthy.​ We Love You All.




P.S. Stay tuned for dance challenges! At least quarantine can be fun!!! :)​

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